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SBCC Year in Review and What's to Come

Posted by Betsy C on

Really, another year has passed already? Where does time go and what happened to all of the stuff I wanted to accomplish? 2015 has been a busy year. 

What has happened: 

  • I released 3 new patterns- The Cabernet Cardigan, The Pinot Pants, and the Brooklyn Hoodie, Yay! It takes a lot of effort and hard work to bring each style to fruition. I always wish I could do more, but alas there are only so many hours in the day. 
  • New website- Honestly no choice on my part as the old site crashed back in April. But I am pretty happy with the new home of SBCC and it's functionality that allows me to do a lot more. 
  • Re-release of updated Moto Chic Jacket and first ever sew-along


Reality check: What did not happen

  • Tai Dress sleeve add on : This was worked on, and worked on, and worked on again. The problem is the bodice needs to be reworked to add a sleeve and would just not fit right in the old armhole to my standards. Also, I wanted a 3/4 sleeve, but it just had a rather "Amish" vibe to it.  I spent a lot of time trying to make this work, but without a major overhaul to the pattern it could not be done.  Sometimes you just gotta walk away from a troubled project.
  • Manhattan Trousers Expanded Range:  I admittedly have been distracted by shiny new projects, but it will happen!
  • Wholesale patterns: At the end of 2015 I have been taking baby steps towards bulk printing which would allow for wholesale. It is an investment and a risk. However, the scariest part for me is the inventory. I live in a small space and more stuff than I already have really freaks me out. Part of me thinks I need to buy a house first. 
  • Blazer: Yes, this is happening! Hoping for February release. Back in the good 'ole days I was a suit patternmaker for different RTW companies.  It's kinda my jam and I can crank'em out. But putting out a pattern for a jacket with all of the details and instructions that go with it makes me feel a little faint. Basically this will be my Moby Dick.


What's coming

More patterns (obviously!)

  • I am hoping to keep the new releases coming and have some exciting stuff lined up that is a bit more novelty and less basic. 


  • What I love about the basic SBCC patterns is they can be modified to become a whole new creature. The Manhattan Trousers, Tai Dress, Brooklyn Hoodie, etc.. are great starting points to make a brand new style. I am already starting to work on blog post that show how to take the SBCC patterns to translate to RTW ideas. I believe a pattern is not just a one time make but something that should be reinvented over and over.
  • Also, I plan on showing how to alter SBCC patterns for all of the non-petites. 


Updated sewing instructions

  • Lets face it, my instructions were pretty scarce for the older styles. I like it that way, but it leaves some guessing. Certain styles I plan on going back to and updating for additional clarification. I have already done this for the Moto Chic Jacket. If you have purchased any of the 3 patterns that I released earlier this year you will see the change in detail. 


Tonic for Free, maybe/maybe not. 

  • I am on the fence with this. I get so many, many (many!) downloads each and every day. I am glad for those that have found SBCC patterns with the Tonic download and come back because they were happy with their T-shirt and want to try other styles. However, it has become an increasing gimme (especially after showing up on blog posts that show how to spend almost nothing on Indie patterns). I worked hard to make a good tshirt pattern and I was hoping that it would help to bring more customers to SBCC, but the stats are bad - like make you want to weep bad. Even when I go in to clear out the freebie orders I see an increasing amount of fake and snarky names that quite obviously have no intention of supporting SBCC. Listen, I am not saying that everyone has to come back and purchase. It's a fine line for me: I want it to be useful and loved; and perhaps that should be payment enough.  But I also resent the grab and go.  I am mulling over the possibility of charging a minimal price and all proceeds go to charity. 


New Side Gig (working on making it official)

  • This year was not as exciting for SBCC as I originally hoped for.  A good chunk of my time was dedicated to grading. Yup, most of my weekends this year have been spent curled in my computer chair grading patterns (I've probably worked on some of your fave styles from other indie pattern companies). I am a bit nerdy in this area and actually enjoy doing it. As the indie market has exploded I have gotten a ton of new clients who find me by word of mouth. Word of mouth is good, but I feel that I should take a bit more professional stance and also reach others who need help but don't know where to start. It really irks me that garmento services can be so inclusive and hard on newbies so I want to create a space where it's ok to ask dumb questions So I am working on a new site just for this service and will keep you in the loop if you are interested.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and productive 2016!



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  • @ Wynn- I think you can do this pretty easily, just take into consideration that you have to flare it out a bit for the hips- i.e. you can’t just draw the line straight. Perhaps this can be one of my hack posts….
    Thanks for your support and I am so glad you found SBCC Patterns!

    Betsy on
  • I’m so glad I purchased two patterns as well as downloading the free t-shirt patterns! Sadly (for me) I haven’t sewn them up yet … but I will! Soon! I’m only 5’ 1/2" tall (possibly shorter as I’m getting older) and I like the look of your patterns.
    Re The Moto Jacket – I love the look of it but I worry that the gathers will make me look fatter ! So I wondered how hard it would be for me to extend the top aka princess seams … Instead of the gathers … What do u think?

    Wynn on
  • @Moira- Maybe just a cap that does not go to the underarm may be workable for the Tai dress. It’s just that movement starts to become restrictive with a sleeve since additional back bodice width is needed.
    I am so glad that you found the Tonic Tee and it works for you! That is what I like to hear. I think you hit the nail on the head- some people don’t value free.

    Betsy on
  • @ Michelle- Yup, this is happening! Now that the holidays are over- nose to the grindstone!

    Betsy on
  • @ Kathy- I really appreciate hearing about Tonic success stories. I guess that most people will find it valuable. It’s all the “Homer Simpson” and “Your Mama” downloads that irk me a bit (seriously, these have been names used). Thank you for supporting SBCC and I hope you love the Brooklyn Hoodie.

    Betsy on

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