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Brooklyn Hoodie: Get your Supplies

Posted by Betsy C on

There are  a few components to the Brooklyn Hoodie in terms of what you need to purchase besides the fabric, but nothing too crazy. The only singular trim you would really need is the zipper, but why stop there when you can add the other details to make it unique. Here are some of my picks.


Twill Tape

This cotton tape creates a nice finish around the hood and neckline seam. When it is applied it will look like this: 


You can get plain old dyed to match twill tape available in numerous colors and widths at  They have just about every possible color and width to match your project. But there are lots of other options available for you to be creative with too:   

Herringbone Twill tape available on



Printed Twill tape from


Don't you just love the colors, but especially the heather grey 

This is a really cool option- you can get custom printed twill tape from You upload your own artwork (repeat) choose your size and you tape. You are ready to go!


If you are going the drawstring route then choose a braided cotton for the softest handfeel. Avoid the "wax-finished" as this is tougher and is more heavy-duty as the name implies.

 Cotton Flat Tape


Cotton Cording: 
Pacific Trim has loads of options in just about every color


If you go the drawstring route then you may want to consider using end caps for the drawstrings. They give the drawstring a finished look. I suggest to go with a plastic option as the metal endocaps can be a little too heavy for a hoodie and are best reserved for jackets and coats.





This is the one trim you will definitely need. As a quick reference, here is the zipper length you will need for each size:


Zippers come in different sizes, besides the length, to denote teeth size. The numbers are a little abstract, but I recommend a #3 or #5 for the Brooklyn Hoodie. This number can be found cast into the back of the zipper head (bet you never noticed this one, right?). 

Make sure you also get an open-end/ separating zipper. If you are adventurous then you may want to even try a two-way zipper, also open-end/separating. 


We all have our favorite places to get zippers, but here are a couple of ideas to make you zipper something a little special.

Rhinestones! Maybe not for everyone, but still kinda fun don't you think?

 Rose Gold teeth

 Multi-color iridescent teeth 

2-way zippers with novelty pulls

Fusible Tape

Knit fabrics have a tendency to keep stretching. It is really important to keep the center front length consistent so it does not become longer than your zipper. To stabilize I like to use fusible tape. This comes in rolls of different widths and you cut the length you need and iron on the wrong side of each center front piece. I get mine from Sil Thread in NYC. 

Coming Next: 1/7

Tips and tricks for cutting out your Brooklyn Hoodie and for working with French Terry

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  • Hi Ali- Glad you are starting the sewing! The zipper measurement is from the top edge neckline seam to the very bottom edge, including the hem band. This is a good question!
    Thanks for the input about the Tonic and I am glad that it has introduced you to the rest of my patterns! If you ever find yourself between sizes, just include a note with your order, or email me I will be happy to send you both size ranges. I wish I could do a between set, but the shapes are so different that I need to do two different patterns.

    Betsy on
  • Hi Betsy
    I’m finally getting round to sewing my hoodie (from when I won the pattern on IG). Just a quick question. I’m making a large and have bought a 26" zip. (Not a lot of choice here) so am going to just extend my pieces slightly. Is the measurement of the zip from the very bottom to where the stopper is. Bit sound an obvious question to some but not me!! I’ve not used an open ended Chunky one before.
    PS after reading through your recent post I think a charge for your tonic t would be a good move! I did use it right when I first found you and since bought the Manhattan trousers, the Cabernet and the limoncello. I think your patterns rock and will make more!! My only trouble is I’m right on the border for the sizes and struggle to choose whether to go bigger or smaller.

    Ali (akaThimberlina) on
  • Actually, if you cannot find fusible tape you can cut skinny strips of fusible/interfacing since it is only a small amount. But if you can find it, it’s a good tool to use for other projects as well.

    Betsy on
  • Thank you for this post! I ordered almost everything from Pacific Trimming on Etsy! Just need to hunt down some fusible tape…

    Miss Crayola Creepy on

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