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Introducing the Greenpoint Shorts and the Sangria Tee

Posted by Betsy C on

It's been a really long time since I've released two patterns at one time. I believe the one and only time was for the Pinot Pants and the Cabernet Cardigan.

So much goes into the creation of the patterns that it's really hard to make this happen. However, this time the stars aligned and I am now able to share with you the two newest additions to the SBCC lineup. 

The Sangria Tee

I've been wearing the Sangria Tee all summer long as I played around and modified the fit and now have it in just about every color.

I've had a lot of requests for an easy knit summer dress and this was the perfect opportunity. The Sangria dress is right above the knee length and features pockets! Pockets on a knit dress can be kinda tricky since you don't want them to just hang and droop, then look strange when worn. Instead I have included in the instructions a way to secure them to the front body so they stay in place and add a little bit of topstitching detail to the dress. 

There is the traditional t-shirt length that features a slightly curved shirt tail hem to give it just a bit beyond the standard look. And, as with all views, you can interchange the sleeves. There is the standard sleeve and also a version that allows you to create a cuff. They look kinda similar on the pictures, but when you see it in person, they both give the shirt it's own unique look. 

Finally, I wanted to create a length that is short, but not midriff baring short. Cropped tees are all the rage, but I'm just not too sure about them myself. I wanted something that skims the top of your pants or skirt waistband. Not too short and not too long. This shorter view also has a wide straight hem, to make it seem just a bit more elevated than the cropped tees that you find everywhere. Plus, once you make it, and before you hem, you can see how you feel about the finished length and adjust if needed to make it longer.

The Sangria Tee also has an optional front for a fuller bust which includes a bust dart. For this type of sleeve and armhole, there's just no getting around this for a fit that doesn't leave your armhole gaping and droopy with bra exposed without a dart. 

Fabrications to use: 

The Sangria Tee is designed for knit fabrics. Basically anything that you would  make a t-shirt out of. For the dress version, you can do a heavier weight French Terry or a mid weight ponte knit. I've made a bunch of the cropped tees from Blackbird Fabrics cotton modal Jersey. It's a great weight. 

The Greenpoint Pants and Shorts

The Greenpoint Pants and Shorts were a last minute addition to this late summer collection. The Gina shorts are a fave, but sometimes you just want an elastic waist, and a flowy fit. These have been in rotation for the last couple of months for me and my favorite pair turned out to be the green ones from the photos which hung in my workspace as a tease until I was able to get photos. They are so comfortable that I would have already worn them to death. 

As I mentioned, the Greenpoint shorts are flowy, which also is another descriptor for relaxed, and kinda loose fit. These are a looser in the hips and crotch area. But don't get scared that these will be too big. As long as you are using a drapey fabric, I think it will work out just fine for you. 

Whenever I'm making a new pattern I always try to think of functionality and how to get the most mileage for you based on options I can create. So pants seemed like an obvious solution. However, the loose fit of the shorts didn't translate as well to the pants. It was just too much fullness and to get a good "pant fit" I had to change up the shapes a little. The pants are almost a standalone fit from the shorts so if you review the finished garment measurements and note differences, this is why. Notably, the pants are slimmer through the hips and shorter in the front rise. 

The Greenpoint pants are a straight leg and are set up for a 29" inseam. Super easy to modify to get the right length that you need. 

Fabrications to use: 

The Greenpoint pants and shorts are designed for non-stretch woven fabrics. These would be amazing in a washed linen (haven't had a chance to make that one yet, but next on my list). I do have a few pairs in tencel, shown as in the blue shorts and the pants. If you head on over to the nearest big box fabric store looking for fabric, make sure to hit up the double faced gauze. They have so many options of colors. This is what I used for the olive green shorts and I love it so much! 

 Get your copy of the Greenpoint Pants & Shorts and the Sangria Tee Today!

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  • Does the larger size range accommodate a D cup still? Or does that size range use a dart?

    Kate on
  • It’s a traditional side seam bust dart.

    SBCC on
  • Where is the bust dart ? Side or a French dart I think it’s called.

    Johanna Hargreaves Kwong on

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