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Meet the Newest SBCC Pattern- the Mojito Skirt!

Posted by Betsy C on

You know when it's so hot out and you are looking for your comfy shorts, but it's laundry day and they are a no-go? Time to weigh the options. Skinny jeans? Oh no! High waisted jean shorts that feel a bit like a corset? For sure no. Dresses are good, but sometimes they can just feel a bit much. But a fun knit skirt that you can pair with a t-shirt is a good happy medium. 

This is the Mojito Skirt. Sorry, guys, but I've been sitting on this one for awhile. I made it for myself years back and wore it to death...and then forgot about it. But only recently I've rediscovered it as what it truly is- a wardrobe no-brainer. It's a good mix of casual and dressy. You can wear it around the house while you work in the kitchen, paired with your Tonic Tee (or- teaser alert- the next upcoming SBCC pattern release), but you can also wear it out paired with a dressy top and nice shoes and you are good to go. No one at the nice restaurant would even guess that you were covered in kitchen debris last time you wore the skirt. (I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I'm all about clothes being worn and not saved for special occasions). If you are going out to have fun, you don't want your waistbands that remind you that you over indulged. Which brings me to why the Mojito skirt waist is unique....

The Mojito Skirt has an elastic waistband. But it's not what you think. No bunchiness here nor will you find something that looks like a pajama pant waist. Nope. The elastic in the Mojito skirt is totally hidden for a smooth effect. It is hidden between the yoke and the yoke facing. In fact, if you wanted to get really fancy and do tummy control panel for a smoothing effect, you could totally do it with adding power mesh to the yoke. But I digress...

The yoke hits above the fullest part of the hip, so then the rest of the skirt flares out to give you a swishy effect (I know that's a weird statement, but you know what I mean). The Mojito Skirt is intended to hit about knee level. But you can use the lengthen/shorten lines to make it however you want it. Also, because it is made with a knit fabric, technically you don't even need to hem it. I love to leave my knit skirt hems raw. It just makes it flowy. 

How does 3 pieces sound? Pretty easy to work with! And we know what that means- it's quick and easy to sew together. The only bit of trickiness that you could encounter is putting the elastic on the right piece. So I encourage you to check out the sewing directions for this part. It's not hard, but the order of the fabric layers is important to get the flat front look. 

As I've mentioned, the Mojito Skirt is intended for knit fabrics. Anything with at least 35% stretch would be best. I've made it in lightweight and medium weight jerseys. However, I do suspect that you may be able to make the skirt out of woven fabric with a knit yoke. I have not tried it personally, but I know you creative types are already spying the possibilities. (Ooh, a color blocked version would be fun too!) 

Be sure to grab your copy today! For a limited time, the Mojito Skirt is 20% off and is available in sizes XXS-4X with tiled PDF, copyshop and projector print options. 



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  • @ Nancy- You could totally add pockets if you want them. I did not include because sometimes they hang funny in knits and you see the outline of the pocket bag. But by all means, give it a go!

    Betsy SBCC on
  • Do you think I could add side seam pockets? (I always think that skirts need pockets!)

    Nancy Torrey on

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