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The Bronx Dress Pattern Re-Release: New Year New Look

Posted by Betsy C on

Announcing a new look for the Bronx Dress!

Once a pattern is done, its finished- a mastepiece, right? Well, after having been around for a few years The Bronx Dress always felt a little lowly on my favorite patterns list. It couldn't really shine next to some of the other SBCC styles.  It was one of the first SBCC patterns I made and it was lacking comprehensive directions and adaptability. Don't get me wrong, this dress has been a hit and there are tons of fans out there that tell me just how much they love this dress. In fact, they love it so much that suggestions and new ideas abound. And I listened. 

The new cowl neck option is now part of my favorite winter dresses. It's a reasonable cowl- not too much fullness/fabric and no worries about your cleavage hanging out when you bend over. This is a modern sophisticated cowl that I like to refer to as - (pardon my high-brow jargon) "architectural" It's a gentle fold that makes a statement. 

The next update was a no-brainer- an elbow sleeve. This update makes the Bronx Dress perfect for all seasons. Sure, lengthening the cap sleeve should be an easy modification, but I tweaked the sleeve cap shape and did the leg work for figuring out just how much length to add for and elbow length sleeve custom made for petites. Let's face it- you just want to sew your project and not worry about the alterations. 

During the re-imagining of the Bronx dress I realized I didn't have a decent product photo. Oh crap! I wanted to get this done and out there to you asap, but It needed a good pic. No problemo.  I whipped up three of these dresses in an afternoon. Photos taken and basically posted the same day. Guys- this is so quick and easy. Its a great sewing project after a long hiatus or after finishing a massive project. I hope you will have just as much satisfaction as I did making up the new and improved Bronx Dress. 

If you already own the pattern, but want the cowl neck option, you can purchase just the new pieces with the updated sewing directions as an add on for a small fee. But if you don't own it yet- get yours today!



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